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Simply select both the old name (missing) and the new name (unversioned) and use If you made a copy of a file but forgot to use the Subversion command to do so, you can repair that copy so the new file doesn't lose its history. in a text editor and undo all the changes you don't want to commit.Simply select both the old name (normal or modified) and the new name (unversioned) and use Sometimes you want to only commit parts of the changes you made to a file. After saving those changes you can commit the file.Such a situation usually happens when you're working on something but then an urgent fix needs to be committed, and that fix happens to be in the same file you're working on. Sometimes you have versioned files that change frequently but that you really don't want to commit. A classic reason is that your IDE changes a timestamp in the project file every time you build.Sometimes this indicates a flaw in your build process - why are those files versioned? The project file has to be versioned as it includes all the build settings, but it doesn't need to be committed just because the timestamp changed.For directories you can use on any column header you will see a context menu allowing you to select which columns are displayed.You can also change column width by using the drag handle which appears when you move the mouse over a column boundary.

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Items which have been switched to a different repository path are also indicated using an When you commit files, the commit dialog shows only the files you have selected.

You can also drag files from here into another application such as a text editor or an IDE.

You can select or deselect items by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the item.

If a commit is attempted to a tag URL, Tortoise SVN shows a confirmation dialog first to ensure whether this is really what is intended.

Because most of the time such a commit is done by accident.

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