Re consolidating private student loans

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Loans are designed especially for undergraduate students, graduate students, or parents.

Once you've exhausted those options, private student loans can help fill any gaps.

Other assumptions include a 21 month in‑school period, 6 month grace period, a standard repayment account, and the student remains in school through the expected graduation date. Actual rates and payment information may vary based on applicable terms. Citizens Bank reserves the right to modify interest rates at any time without notice.

, depending on the interest rate during the 45 month in-school period and the 6 month grace period. Such changes will only apply to applications taken after the effective date of change.

Federal student loans instead come from the federal government. When you apply, private lenders will examine your financial history and credit score.

See our Rates For a limited time, Citizens is offering a scholarship for two graduate students to help fund their potential.Our private student loan offers an average fee savings of 8 Choosing to enroll in medical and dental is a major step that involves a lot of important decisions, including how to finance your education. Our medical school and dental school loans offer four-year residency deferment options that let you start establishing your specialty before repayment is required.Our private student loan offers an average fee savings of 8 Multi-year approval provides an easy way to secure funding for additional years in school, without impacting your credit in those later years.If you have friends already in college, ask them for recommendations on getting a student loan.Find an online forum and see what your peers are saying.

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