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Because the chat room is audio as well as text – each person has a voice avatar – you can walk away from your computer and still participate."Once you get used to the voices, you can tell who's speaking.

I can be doing the dishes and still listen," she says.

The real question we should be asking is: will they stay?

Creating a world where people want to stay – and pay – is a huge challenge, in part because it's out of your control.

"The people who stay are a great asset to the community."Badgirl believes that one of the biggest mistake designers can make "is to tell the residents 'this is what the community is and this is what you're going to do.' The most important feature is the people," she says. It's not your community."Many of JOI's events and contests emerge from the chat rooms.

A running joke about capturing other people's panties led to a panty-collecting game with in-world cash awards and prizes.

I talked to two designers whose erotic virtual worlds have been open to the public for more than a year, asking what they've learned from the experience and what has contributed to their success.And both creators admit that once the community starts to form, it takes over the product."The first thing that brings people (to Sociolotron) is the sex," says Patric."Our game is special, and you (either) get hooked or (you don't).It's hard to get into (for casual players)," he says.

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