Reasonably accommodating disabilities im dating my cousin

However, the timeline in which you can make a complaint under the federal law may be as short as 180 days under certain circumstances.

So it is extremely important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to make sure you do not give up any of your possible remedies.

Under Oregon Revised Statute 659A.118, a reasonable accommodation may include: The Americans with Disabilities Act only applies in the employment context to employers with 15 or more employees.

Much like Oregon state law, it requires employers to make reasonable accommodations.

Likewise, the proportionality between the cost of the accommodation and the overall cost of the employee to the company including salary and benefits can be relevant.

While it probably is unreasonable to require a company to provide an accommodation that costs ,000 per year to an employee making minimum wage, it might be reasonable to provide the same accommodation to an employee making 0,000 per year.

Generally, an accommodation is reasonable as long as its costs do not outweigh its benefits.

In addition, your employer is not required to provide an accommodation that would eliminate or waive an essential function of your job.

More information is available on our reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs page.

While the employer is not necessarily required to provide you with the accommodation you requested, it must provide one that will allow you to perform the essential function of your job if one exists.

Failing to provide a reasonable accommodation is a form of disability discrimination and is legally actionable.

We have helped employees obtain accommodations so they can remain employed.

Likewise, we have represented clients who were fired or forced to resign because their employer refused to comply with its legal obligation to provide one.

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