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It will save you from getting jumped by six guys and losing a tooth. If you’re anything like me, homework is death, but in saying that, don’t fail any of your classes.There is absolutely no reason you should come out with less than a 50 — you will regret it later in life if you do. Time is success, and if you’re too lazy to pass a class, then how are you going to succeed in life?

Broccoli is packed full of antioxidants, is well-known as a powerful cancer fighter and is also full of vitamin K, which is known to enhance cognitive function.Your brain is the fattest organ (not counting the skin) in the human body, and is composed of 60% fat.That means that your brain needs essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA to repair and build up synapses associated with memory.It doesn’t make you cool and it won’t make you popular. Find out what you’re good at, or what you’re not good at. It ranged from a group of little gremlins eating my homework to the day I misplaced my wallet, found it, and came back late with an espresso shot for him. These interactions will be pretty memorable, and they allow you to grow in a school environment that can sometimes be difficult. There was nothing better than to sit down and talk about the best movies, music, and history topics with a substitute teacher. He was always supportive about my writing, which allowed me to reach new heights.If anything, it will be news for the week and then you will continue with your mundane high school life. Romance doesn’t usually last in high school, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

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