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In fact, both groups equal the rate of divorce (both historically and currently) of the general adult population.Among both groups, one-quarter (25%) have been divorced (as of the 2016 data), compared to that very same number among all adults.This is even more pronounced among evangelicals, 67 percent of whom are married, 15 percent higher than the general population.But where practicing Christians and evangelicals share likeness with the rest of the country is in the proportion who have ever been divorced.These are massive shifts, most pronounced among those in their twenties and thirties, toward a broader move to delay marriage among younger Americans.If you were in your late twenties in the year 2000, you were much more likely to be married than if you were that same age today.For instance, between 20, the relational makeup of those aged between 25 and 39 shifted dramatically.In the 16 years since 2000, the amount of single people in the 25-29 range rose 9 percentage points (from 50% percent to 59%), and the amount of single people in the 30-39 range also rose 10 percentage points (from 24% to 34%).

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Those who are divorced rate does not take into account past divorce, which, when accounted for, brings the proportion of American adults who have ever been divorced to one-quarter (25%), a rate that has remained steady since 2000 (when it was 24%).

The percentage of single people (never married) however has increased from just over one-quarter (27%) to three in 10 (30%).

This uptick is the big story here, and it only gets more pronounced when looking closely at the trends within the different age groups.

From a different angle, during the same time period, those groups saw similar shifts in the number of those married.

In the 16 years since 2000, the amount of people married in the 25-29 range dropped 7 percentage points (from 43% to 36%), and the amount of people married in the 30-39 range dropped 8 percentage points (from 65% to 57%).

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