Robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating for how long Hot live free two way web cam chating

He didn’t want to be in LA with her and her friends.He didn’t want them calling the paparazzi every time they ventured out in public.So, exactly as we told you back on March 11, 2013, the relationship ended before the end of the summer.It took some pushing on Rob’s part, and it happened earlier than Kristen wanted, but it’s done.[Blind Gossip] We’ve talked several times about how this very famous couple was assembled in a publicist’s office.

He didn’t want to be alone in the same house with her.

But it’s time for you to tuck Robsten away on your fantasy mind shelf along with The Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

Congratulations to everyone who got this one right, starting with Njchicaa!

“They are going to stay living at Kristen’s house because of the dogs,” the source continued.

“It’s not fully over or he would have moved out.” After proving they could make it through a rough patch after Kristen cheated on R.

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