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After living at John's Aunt Mimi's for a while they moved to London, where their flat was permanently besieged by screaming fans (she was attacked by one fan as late as 1967).Life in the Beatles vortex was never comfortable: the couple moved into their posh house in Surrey, where Cynthia raised Julian mostly on her own (Lennon's callous treatment of his son famously inspired Paul Mc Cartney to write "Hey Jude").The Beatles were on the brink of global stardom, and on the insistence of their new manager, Brian Epstein, the pregnancy and marriage were to remain secret for as long as possible.Julian was born in April 1963, by which time Beatlemania was getting into its stride.Lennon began to consume huge amounts of LSD, which she said was the beginning of the end for their relationship.She was slipped the drug by John's dentist at a dinner party, and recalled, "It was if we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a horror film." Innately conservative, she was left behind by the rock'n'roll lifestyle, and it was symbolic that when the band caught the train to Bangor in 1967 to meet the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi she was left on the platform.

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Former Bachelorette lovebirds Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez recently split up after an 18-month engagement, but may be back together just like that.She married Bassanini in 1970, divorcing him in 1973.A third marriage, to John Twist, an engineer from Lancashire, followed; after they parted in 1983 she changed her name back to "Lennon" by deed poll and met Jim Christie, her partner for 17 years." As she was leaving the party she heard Lennon's voice: "Don't you know Cynthia's a nun?" Goaded, she went back into the party; later that night she and Lennon went to bed. Like every parent he'd ever met, the domineering Lillian couldn't bear Lennon. Cynthia recalled his violent possessiveness and "unreasonable rages ...

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    Rodin’s iconic sculptures ‘The Kiss’ and ‘The Thinker’ are now regarded as masterpieces in their own right, but they both started out as small parts of a monumental composition – ‘The Gates of Hell’.