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Was purchased in 1984 from Sharman and Ladbury in Melton Mowbury.In 1985 the car moved to Aberdeen where it stayed in Scotland until 2017.MR cars are a perk of scrabbling onto the FMC greasy pole of management to becoming a Supervisor of some men – either in a factory, or within any of the support functions of running a labyrinthine international motor manufacturing business.Most likely he, or she, was somewhere in Essex, perhaps at Warley, the company Head Office, Dunton the Engineering Centre, or maybe Dagenham which at this time was still the company’s biggest UK factory.

Once the schedule for the day ahead is set it is just hours until all the parts start coming together.He has a Magnum 2300, but has seen Savage Cortinas and fancies something similar, so makes contact with Race Proved, or in full, Race Proved Performance and Racing Equipment Limited run by a nice chap called Jeff Uren at 177 Uxbridge Road, in Hanwell W7.Perhaps our hero sports platform shoes, huge flares, a paisley shirt and mirror shades as he is certainly planning something of a bold statement which captures the mid 70’s style and fashion!It has numerous features which differentiate it from a run of the mill stock Windsors found in most V8 Fords of the era.Known as a G-Code, with under ten thousand engines ever built, from which 8600 production Boss Mustangs were built in 19.

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