Rocsi dating eddie dating aggression

They ended up meeting at Warwick and they had a great time. She's one of the sweestest girls he's ever been with. He had an interview with Angie Martinez, and she cohosted.

He wishes it didn't end the way it did because they were really cool. They invited a bunch of girls and they were all over him, and it ended up on snapchat. He wasn't really feeling it, and he kept telling his friends that he was about to go to sleep. Then there was a cake outside that said "Happy Birthday Shad" and the shad part had been messed up. She was flirting with him on air, and Angie told her that he was taken.

There are rumors that Rocsi Diaz had dated many people in this industry including Michael Misick, eddie murphy and Bruno Mars.

However, the only factual evidence is that Tyrese Gibson had been her boyfriend for some time.

countdown show for the past 7 years with Terrence J.

However, they recently announced their departure from the show to pursue opportunities in film and whatnot. She was also in Hawaii yesterday with Eddie Murphy and his kids.

He confronted him at a bowling alley in Atlanta and he backtracked and said that he only said that because he was on pills. He brought her to a dinner with Usher and Jermaine. Jermaine was telling him that he should go public with her, but he was nervous because he hadn't publicly dated outside of his race.

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She went to West Jefferson High School in Louisiana and for the university; she graduated in Nicholls State University.She is a beautiful woman and at the same time she is talented.She got fame when she co-host Entertainment Tonight and 106 & Park. In addition of being a host, she is also a radio personality and a model.However, she was not able to gain the reputation as a radio presenter only but she also gained the popularity in acting in different movies like The Last Letter, Next Soul Ties, and Gangs of Roses 2.The TV shows in which she appeared are Entertainment Tonight, Brothers, and Red Eye, 106 and Park and Fear.

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