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He’s an absolute legend, having racked up countless accolades from the very beginning of his career, and, at 30, he’s still going strong.Aside from perhaps David Beckham, he’s one of the most recognizable names in the world of professional sports.Knowing that Ronaldo was linked to former Miss Spain Desire Cordero as recently as late October, it hasn’t been a very long relationship. Here’s a rundown of his recent dating career, complete with regular updates: Irina Shayk: Ronaldo and Shayk began dating after meeting at an Armani photoshoot in 2010.The couple dated for five years, but Shayk believed Ronaldo to be cheating on her and ended the relationship. Marisa Mendes: In November 2015, Ronaldo was rumored to have moved on from Shayk.Rincon and Ronaldo haven’t been spotted together since, but Rincon is still playing up the angle on her Instagram feed.Nikoleta Lozanova In February, news outlets in Bulgaria began reporting that Ronaldo was dating Lozanova, who was named 2006 Playmate of the Year in Bulgaria.

Alejandra Manriquez More recently, Ronaldo has been seen with Mexican pilot Alejandra Manriques.Some of the women have been known to have celebrity sex tapes, like Kim Kardashian whose celeb sex tape is practically infamous.If you're wondering who Cristiano Ronaldo's wife is, stop - he never married!Part of it is due to his skills on the field, of course, but part of it is due to his good looks and playboy attitude. While soccer superstar Beckham locked himself down at an early age with wife Victoria, Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing the field for years – with a series of girlfriends who seem to get hotter and hotter as the years go on.I mean, he could take his little black book to a modelling agency and they’d be happy to sign every single one of his exes.

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