Rowvalidating event

Thanks Best regards, Jeffrey Tan Microsoft Online Partner Support Get Secure!- This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties and confers no rights.In this example, the sum of Expense and Freight is a minimum of 3000, where this is eligible for the discounted price.In many places in my application, I have a Data Grid View which users can either enter data into or use as a method of navigation in a master/detail form view.When the value is less than 50 it shows the Error Tooltip.

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Grid Validation Mode is the dependency property that switches between the modes of validations.

This event is raised when the current cell is validated with the new value and the Is Valid property of the Current Cell Validating event is set to ‘true’.

The event handler receives two arguments namely sender that handles Sf Data Grid and Current Cell Validated Event Args as objects.

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This section explains you to validate data on errors through different approaches like through events, Data Annotations, INotify Data Error Info.

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