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I understand that our attitudes (relations) are under construction on trust. All Russian men are similar to my father and I have decided to find the half through the Internet. My brother will have well paid operation after the termination of university and he can take care of the mum. My occupation the accountant, but in Russia now is very difficult to find operation and I should work the cashier in a magazine. I want more than life directly for YOU to be WITH YOU! Everything, that I have - your letters to hold me by progress. NOBODY WILL FORCE ME TO FEEL a WAY, WHICH YOU DO(MAKE) by!! SO, WHEN WE COVER, MY FEELINGS WILL BLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!! It anything terrible I simply to want that we to love each other I you are glad that with me to trust and I am glad to this to begin in you. Also, as you urgently require me, I too urgently need in you, to want be close to you, and to feel you, your breath. We lay near to the friend by the friend to speak love to each other, caress each other.

But we should trust each other, without it we simply can not exist. The mum today rang the sister and to speak with her. I have selected Canada, because this country is most similar by a climate to Russia. I work six days per one week for 8 clocks and for such transactions I receive only 40 $ per one month. I come back and I read them, when I am lonely for YOU. IT WILL BE the HAPPIEST MOMENT of MY LIFE With FROM a QUESTION!!!!!!! The best gift for me on my birthday it to be as soon as possible near to you and I shall apply (put) all efforts that my dream was as soon as possible embodied in life.. I want to hold you by my party, my lips in your lips and will kiss you, I feel your language, I feel your breath. I study your beautiful eyes, you study my eyes both see love in the friend the friend.

So, once again I send her 0 dollars for that, then the next day, which was March 23, 2001 she writes to me saying that she is to leave from Moscow on plane on March 30,2001. But we should trust each other, without it we simply can not exist. The mum today rang the sister and to speak with her.

I to you to speak thanks for words which you me to speak. This made me suspicious and I checked out this black list and found an article from Norm along with Maria's pictures! From here on out my story is very similar to ones already posted. For a brief moment it sounded like it maybe real, mainly because she actually called and spoke with me. I understand that our attitudes (relations) are under construction on trust. I was in the middle of trying to determine if the supposed Russian sweetie was real or not.It is not safe and it will be a pity if you will spend money. I WANT OUR UNION MORE THAN THAT - BE, that I HAVE EVERYONE REQUIRED In LIFE!!!!!!! YOU - very much thing, about which I could ask in LIFE, YOU CARE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, And HONOUR!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE to ME, FREQUENTLY I NEED In YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM a PRESENCE(FINDING) With YOU!!!!!! I recently was looking through your blacklist and came across a pic of the same gal trying to get me to sent her money. After about a week, the subject of money for a visa and a plane ticket came up. I should find out, whether you also have dream of similar character (nature), or is only me. THIS IS THE LAST LETTER IN A SERIES THAT THIS PERSON SENT ME. The address in the letter is: I have a profile on Friend, where a person who called herself Maria Belyaeva read about me & sent me her address ([email protected]).THE ONLY THING THAT KEEP ME FROM SENDING HER THE MONEY WAS THE TOWN WAS NOT LISTED IN WESTERN UNION TO SEND IT TO. I informed her I was only interested in e-mailing, but over the course of about 2 weeks she talked about having kids.

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    The castle was built with the lie that it would protect everyone.

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    Reuters reports that Facebook screens for inappropriate language and exchanges of personal information and also uses records of convicted pedophiles’ online chats to teach their software what to seek out. As a filter, it seeks out users who exchange abusive language and contact information.