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They are listed to help give the reader have a general idea of the relationship of historical events in Isaiah's time.Keep the context in mind remembering that in Isaiah 1-39 the message is primarily one of condemnation and that Isaiah 1-12 is directed to Judah and Jerusalem. The time of the vision (Is 6:1) Jehovah of hosts (Is 6:2, 3, 4) The prophet's woe (Is 6:5) The cleansing (Is 6:6, 7) "Here am I. ) (2Ki 15:1-7 where Uzziah = Azariah, 2Chr 26:1-23) Under Uzziah's 52 year reign Judah experienced prosperity (a "golden age") and power (cp 2Chr 26:8) during a time when Assyria was still weak.Hours of testimony, including testimony from Witness elders and Senior Watchtower officials including Governing Body Member Geoffrey Jackson, can all be viewed online.In the UK, the Charity Commission has likewise mounted investigations into Watchtower (currently still ongoing) and has issued its first report severely critical of the religion’s handling of child abuse, and also of the religion’s attempts to shut down the investigation.

Moody Publishers) Note that most of these dates are approximations and not indisputable facts.

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In the US, Watchtower has been embroiled in a series of disastrous and expensive lawsuits, losing case after case, and being fined by the court for refusing to turn over a database of allegedly thousands of JW child molesters that have never been reported to the police.

US Investigative news organisation Reveal has been publishing the work of Journalist Trey Bundy, who has become a world expert in covering the worldwide scandal.

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