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Runners may select up to four of 11 badges to illustrate their run with the Marines.The badges signify different categories and accomplishments including First Marathon, Personal Record, Charity Runner, Service Member and Military Family.I motioned for them to step across the log bridge first and as they did I couldn’t help but stare at their phenomenal legs: tan, rope-muscled, veiny—pretty much perfect.These people had to be in their late 60s, but jeez, those stems.I like seeing a gnarled, rocky section of trail and knowing that I won’t feel each and every rock and pebble through the feet, like I did with my lightweight trail-runners.Plus, hiking boots have become so incredibly light themselves that there’s much less of a weight penalty than there once was. In the years since I set them aside, I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of lightweight trail-runners I’ve chewed through.But even more importantly: I love knowing that the right pair of boots can stick with me for half a dozen years of expeditions, if not a decade. I’ve still got the first pair of decent hiking boots I bought over 12 years ago. While they’ve been comfortable, they haven’t inspired the sort of connection with me that a well-worn pair of boots has.Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to work on pumping up my calves.

The course has a .8 mile downhill road section with the remaining 25.4 miles on the NCR Trail making this the fastest marathon and Boston Qualifier for hundreds of miles!I went out and bought a pair of trail-runners—a pair of since-discontinued Merrells.I was gradually switching to lightweight and ultralight gear anyway, so saving a pound or two on my feet made perfect sense.We started chatting and they informed me they were on their way to Mt.Whitney, finishing the last section of the JMT they’d yet to cross off their list.

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