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They spent about 5 straight minutes with the waiter trying to order food for the woman who didn't seem to understand they were in a place that served food. Yes dear, that's your period" all the while the woman was like repeating what he was saying super loudly.

Then, once they did order, she leaned in and told the guy something we couldn't quite hear. In his absence the woman tried to ask for something from the waiter in super like, beyond broken-English. Meanwhile I'm eating spaghetti like a foot away from the guy, almost shoulder to shoulder with him.

she would tell us he would make her wait till he was done to eat and he would only let her eat 'ladylike' foods like salad, he payed her a monthly 'salary' which was pretty abysmal and she had to use that for clothing and other essentials, he also wouldn't let her go anywhere by herself and would drop her off and turn up an hour before classes ended in case we got let out early to drive her home, I remember we had to do a group assessment and I had given her my phone number and he forced her to delete it (I'm a female).

I think the saddest part was when she asked a bunch of us if we could get birth control pills for her because her husband kept destroying her scripts/pills, and you could tell she was absolutely terrified of getting pregnant.

Waiter couldn't understand and she just stopped talking and stared straight ahead. They eventually left without eating or paying or saying anything.

The guy eventually got back and put a box on Tampax on the table next to her and said very loudly, "Because I take care of my baby." She smiled and grabbed the box and started opening it right at the table, took out a tampon, opened up the plastic, opened the tampon and stared at the guy with a super confused look. It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen and I now completely My father's cousin brought back a Vietnamese wife from the war (I believe she was a prostitute).

He's a scruffy redneck long-haul trucker from West Virginia, she's tiny, slender, and ten years his junior.

She was Thai and the more we got to know her the more she shared about this relationship, she was late 20s and he was at the lower end of 60, he didn't work but had received some big work compensation payout and was apparently quite wealthy because of that, she told us they met online on one of those 'meet Thai ladies who are just dying to be your girlfriend' kind of sites, and after talking for all of two weeks they agreed to marry, this country is a little bit stricter about these sorts of unions so there were some hoops they had to jump through such as he had to go visit her for a certain amount of time in Thailand before starting the process, but essentially they were engaged after a few weeks and married within a few months.

The guy essentially wanted one of those stereotypical asian marriages where the wife was subservient and existed to please their husband.

Months pass, he can't work anymore and she's spending all her free time outside of work taking care of him at the hospital while he's waiting for a kidney.

I visited one time while he was in the hospital and she broke down telling my other relatives and me how much she loved him and she didn't want to lose him.

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