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Just down the hill are Skattkammaren (the Royal Treasury), a series of vaults housing the Crown Jewels and other royal treasures.Next door is Livrustkammaren (the Royal Armoury), Sweden’s oldest museum, which includes more than 400 years’ worth of clothing and other objects belonging to members of the royal court.Representationsvåningarna (the Royal Apartments), which are open to the public, include several floors of state rooms.Highlights include a silver throne presented to Queen Kristina for her coronation in 1650, Gustav III’s bedchamber, several portrait galleries, and Karl XI’s gallery, where most reception dinners are held today.

Exit through this door and turn left to return to Slottsbacken and begin the walking tour. There’s nothing like wandering the narrow streets and alleys to really get a feel for the medieval character of Gamla Stan.

Above you looms the Royal Palace, but before you explore the modern palace, take some time to learn about its predecessor: Stockholm’s original royal castle, Tre Kronor, which was destroyed by fire in 1697.

The entrance to Museum Tre Kronor is directly ahead of you as you cross over from Helgeandsholmen.

From Slottsbacken, just slightly downhill from the obelisk, take the alley directly to the right of Finska kyrkan (the Finnish Church), opposite the Royal Palace.

Behind the church is a courtyard, Bollhustäppan, where you’ll find Sweden’s smallest statue under the tree at the far end.

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