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Including a unique way of shell and file manager integration via user menu with a set of macrovariables as well as shell terminal window, making them natural sysadmin IDE.

They can also serve the role of IDE for webmasters of the sites that use plain-vanilla HTML (as opposed to database driven sites).

In a way, OFM are extending the traditional Unix shell functionality in a new way creating a hybrid of shell and file manager, or a graphical shell if you wish.

Another attraction is that due to stability of interface they belong to the unique class of programs usually called "" That includes the ability to jump from one OFM manager to another with minimal pain.

Several programs belonging to this type are descendants of Norton Commander, a file manager first released in 1986 by Norton Computing (since 1990 Norton Computing became part of Symantec).

But not only file managers can have this type of interface.

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