Sedating cat airline travel

Besides, they always like to keep their territories marked and stay confined in it.So it gets very uncomfortable for them and sometimes even quite scary when they have to travel, especially in vehicles like cars that make noise while driving it.→ Take it to test drive to nearby places like parks or cat shops so he can get used to it.→ Monitor your cats’ behavior while traveling and see if they have any hyper activities like panic attacks or motion sickness.But keep these few things in mind while buying the carrier- → The size of the carrier is enough for your cat for lying down or staying in standing position.So it will feel comfortable inside and won’t be nervous.Now, let’s get to the guide on how to travel with a cat in a car- According to, the best kind of travel with your cat doesn’t begin the day of traveling, it begins before a few days of the travel.Most of the cats are not fond of traveling in vehicles and some of them feel even extremely terrorized in the speedy movement of the car and the noises.

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There is news of cats getting out of the car and being lost forever. There are plenty of cat carriers with good functions in very reasonable price in the Amazon or local markets.For example, cats are extremely scared of cucumber or snake-shaped stuff.→The seats of the car are steady enough to carry the weight of your cat and the cat carrier.You can even put some treats inside so that your cat goes in and out and familiarize with the carrier.→ Take your cat inside the car and keep him there for 15minutes every day.

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