Sedating cats with nitrous oxide

In more than 12 years of regularly treating dogs and cats for dental work, I have never seen an anesthetic complication, even in old or ill animals.

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I have a question for species-appropriate diet promoters: Do you brush your teeth?

(Ironically, non-vets who perform non-anesthetic dental work often try to accuse vets of being profit grubbers. ) However, there is a simple way to greatly reduce the likelihood that your dog will ever find himself under anesthesia for dental work.

Do for your dog what you do for yourself: Brush his teeth.

If you feel that your dog may be a candidate, discuss it with your vet, who will perform a comprehensive oral exam to determine whether more extensive work is necessary.

However, beware of non-vets — groomers, free agents, and pet store staff — who may not have sufficient training.

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