Sedating dogs airplane travel

A dog’s crate should always be a safe, happy haven.To get started, be sure the crate is appropriately sized, which is large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down in.This will help prepare him for being lifted, loaded, and transported on the plane.For puppies/dogs that have never been crated and you’re starting from scratch, there is one cardinal rule you must always follow: Never use the crate as punishment!

Booking a pet-friendly flight begins with a good deal of research if the dog must fly “below cabin.” Careful consideration must be given to the dog’s breed, health, age and disposition to determine whether flying is in their best interest.

Position it in an area of the house with a lot of activity, such as the kitchen, so that he still feels like part of the family, and place him favorite toy and an old shirt with your scent inside.

Begin feeding all the dog’s meals inside the crate (leaving the door open).

Line the crate with a kennel pad or other soft bedding, and place an old shirt with your scent on it inside to help comfort your dog.

The day before the flight, fill the water dish 2/3 full and freeze it, then take it with you to the airport to place in the crate right before you check the dog in.

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