Senior dating freshman ok

What you think we're gonna track you down from the eight hundred million other Johns on the Earth? That was pretty convincing if I didn't know ahead of time.

Huh, this is the first post he's made since the story. You have a pretty sick sense of only applies if you have sex with the person, and if you get caught most states have age of consent between 16-17 and not 18, and most that are 18 have closeness-of-age laws (I know florida does), it all depends on what state your living in but you should be more worried about maturity levels (yes she might be the great enlightened 15 year old or whatever it is but mentally almost everyone in high school that isn't about to leave is still a massive child in arrested development)Well I don't think he's looking for marriage material, just a relationship.

Then obviously it could become a hassle or whatever for you.

We always thought it was badass to date a freshman.The only thing that matters in high school is if the chick's hot.Also, Dan; I don't think we need to worry about him graduating.Out of the two of you, you’re the one that is in the iffy position, so you might want to weight this out very carefully.Also since you’re in a school setting and openly displaying your relationship, if it is indeed an inappropriate relationship, there is always the chance that a teacher or a prick of another student could report you if it’s that kind of a nosy place.

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