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He talks about being Jewish in a lot of his jokes, and he usually plays that persona in the movies he acts in. He has made large contributions to the democratic party and holds fairly progressive views. Seth Rogen is also very generous with his money and has made donations and started his own charity’s.He is a strong supporter of the gay community and calls himself their “Bear Icon”. One of them is called, “Hilarity for Charity”, which he used to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

Seth Rogen began his comedy career at age 12 by attending Mark Pooley's comedy workshop class.

He married writer Lauren Miller in 2011 after dating her for seven years.

Lauren Miller is an actress as well as a screenwriter. Seth started dating actress as well as writer Lauren Miller in 2004.

Continued success and directing[ edit ] After years of development, a feature film adaptation of The Green Hornet was handled by Rogen and Goldberg, with a theatrical release in January The drama Take This Waltz , his fourth film of , featured Rogen as a man whose wife played by Michelle Williams explores a new relationship with another man.

They initially worried that American Pie had beaten them to the idea for the movie, but they decided that the film "managed to totally avoid all honest interaction between characters Michael Cera and Jonah Hill originate the main roles, two teenage best friends whose party plans go wrong, based on them.

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