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Go to your house, get intercepted by your neighbor and rest.

When you wake up with full health, go east to the Church. The Chosen one is weak against Lust attacks, so Yarra is very effective against him.

See their respective character pages for more details.

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Invade the fortress Pretty straightforward, go north to meet Altina and Simon, your disposable servants.To acomplish with her conditions, you should do the following quests (if you do all of them you will get 60,000 Pro N): There is another possibility to earn Pro N in Stineford, and it's to prostitute Qum at the Slum brothel.Be aware that to do so has implications in your relationship with the members of your harem.All the fights should be doable Even the Chimera one provided that you get to that combat in good health.Solved that, your first stop in the Merchant Camp, after the recommended rest in your wagon, should be an open tent with no guards.

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