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The thought of that made me a little anxious, but honestly, I'd do it for her right now if she wanted me to. A well-to-do executive needed a bit of arm candy and a broke college student desperately needed money. I grew up in a shitty little town with no real opportunities, so as soon as I graduated high school I packed up and hit the road. It was a great experience, but also a very expensive one, and after two semesters I found myself flat broke. 'Girl Friday,' it said, 'Female executive needs go-to girl. She just kept circling me, eyeing me up and down as I stood just inside the door of her office. Without hesitating she continued, "You've been staring at my legs since I walked in. Are you willing to work hard ..." She paused, looked down on my application for a second and then finished with, "Charlotte? "Either get down on your knees and start licking my pussy or find the door, Charlotte." "Yes, ma'am," I responded and dropped to my knees.

"My name is Karin," she said, "with human resources. So I think you either like my stockings or you like my legs. " "Uh, uh," I stammered, "I don't know." "Surely you must have some idea," Karin insisted as she took my hand and placed it on her thigh. Seeing that I was ready to obey, Karin lifted her dress to give me access.

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Here you can find Slovenians, Croatians, Bosnians, Macedonians, as well as hot and horny Serbs. * Chapter 1 "Oh Mistress, I love your fingers in my pussy!" I was moaning as I felt yet another of her fingers joining in on the stretching of my insides. If it had been a man interviewing me it would have been a sexual harassment lawsuit all gift-wrapped with a bow on top. "Then we shall give you a test." I watched in shock as my interviewer hiked up her dress far enough to unhook one stocking from her garter belt.I was fascinated as well as a little frightened and, truthfully, the strangeness of it all was kind of turning me on. She wiggled it around for a moment before she withdrew it."Mmph," I let escape as I felt Karin's finger suddenly pressing deep into my pussy. I shuddered a bit, still trying to wrap my mind around how I'd just been violated by my interviewer.

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