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Conspiracy theories continued because the details of the French probe into the accident were never made public.But 48 Hours has obtained a report produced by the French government that was never made public until now.Robert Forrest, one of England's leading forensic toxicologists, to see if he could find any evidence of a mistake or a cover-up."This is the first time I have seen these data and it has been absolutely fascinating," says Forrest.The dossier documents that multiple tests were conducted on blood, hair and tissue.

"She said, 'When it's not convenient anymore, I will-- they will blow me in a car or in a helicopter.'" The questions and puzzles remain nearly seven years after Diana's tragic death in a Paris tunnel.This past January, The London Mirror reported that just months before her death, she had written a note saying, "My husband is planning an accident in my car – brake failure and serious injury." How real were her fears?Did someone tamper with the Mercedes to make it appear like an accident?But was he paid by British intelligence services to help kill Princess Diana?And what about Al Fayed's claim that the princess was killed because she was pregnant?

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