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I believe that my main traits are...................................................

I live anywhere as long as it's not too cold I figured to travel some anyway. Going to gym, watching a good movie at the theatre.

Caccia, Italian fresco-painter, did altar-pieces; his best work, "Deposition from the Cross," at Novara; d. Cachar (313), a great tea-growing district in Assam.

Cache, name given in Canada to a hole in the ground for hiding provisions when they prove cumbersome to carry.

Cæsalpinus, Italian natural philosopher, born at Arezzo; was professor of botany at Pisa; was forerunner of Harvey and Linnæus; discovered sex in plants, and gave hints on their classification (1519-1603).

Cæsar, name of an old Roman family claiming descent from the Trojan Æneas, which the emperors of Rome from Augustus to Nero of right inherited, though the title was applied to succeeding emperors and to the heirs-apparent of the Western and the Eastern Empires; it survives in the titles of the Kaiser of Germany and the Czar of Russia.

Cadastre, a register of the landed proprietors of a district, and the extent of their estates, with maps illustrative called Cadastral Maps.

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Ca`cus, a mythological brigand of gigantic stature who occupied a cave in Mount Aventine, represented by Virgil as breathing smoke and flames of fire; stole the oxen of Hercules as he was asleep, dragging them to his cave tail foremost to deceive the owner; strangled by Hercules in his rage at the deception quite as much as the theft.

Cabanel, Alexandre, a French painter, born at Montpellier (1828-1889).

Cabanis, Pierre Jean George, a celebrated French medical man, born in Cosnac, in the dep.

I'm very kind, tender, soft, romantic, affectionate and easy-going lady. I enjoy going for walks in nature, listening to classical music for relaxation.

At the same time, I'm hardworking, goal oriented, intelligent, with a good sense of humor and optimistic views.

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