Sex definition accommodating female

While femdom is specific to BDSM, any woman can give her partner a thrill by donning a corset and some stilettos and throwing a little female domination into the mix.

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A dominant female may have a number of different names, including dominatrix, mistress or madame.

Female dominants often engage in BDSM activities such as bondage, ball busting, humiliation, face sitting, forced feminization, forced chastity, forced orgasm, and pegging.

I've read a lot of different opinions lately about cuckolding, and what a cuckold is (or isn't). Language, and the definitions of terms, provides a consistent reference for communication. That's STILL the definition and it's the ONLY definition.

Everyone doesn't have a different meaning for the term woman. Some people insist the definition for cuckold has changed. A cuckold has always been a man whose wife has sex with someone outside the marriage.

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