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I could clearly see his cock standing up through his trousers as he talked and made Rachel laugh. Eager to resume where we had left off, his eyes moved between her face and tits some more. We waited, my wife flirting with him continually, until it had gone dark.By then the restaurant was beginning to empty and several of his colleagues where clearing the tables.I could tell she was excited by this new experience. We where both truly exhilarated by what was happening.A call from the another table and the waiter quickly went to serve them. I knew that I would love to watch this horny waiter screwing her senseless and she seemed to be thinking the same thing.Sanchez already knew that he was going to end up fucking Rachel later.He seemed to know that was what we both wanted from him.

Two years ago Rachel and I went away to celebrate our 8th anniversary.

Eventually, she took a deep breath and asked if he would like to walk back to the villa with us. Pausing for moment as the young man, his arm around Rachel's waist began feeling her tits in turn through the dress. Sanchez was big and I could see a look of amazement on her face as he bounced free.

Expertly he stepped forward, a horny look in his eye.

Hardly noticing me at all, Sanchez touched my wife's hand and told her how beautiful he thought she was. It was just as well that it was quiet at that late hour. Excited, nervous yet looking forward to a stiff rogering I was sure. Feeling some relief at being back but knowing that our night was only beginning. She immediately led Sanchez through to the bedroom. While she stood by the bed, Sanchez stopped and gazed longingly down her figure.

I saw Rachel stiffen, running her tongue over her lip as the waiters hand began stroking her thigh beneath the table. We had soon reached the short path down to the villa and I opened the gate for them. Stepping forward they shared a long and heated embrace. Suddenly, the young man began pulling out his cock.

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