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Though most of his people were wiped out, and he as far as he knows is the last of his kind.Even though he has this much power dwelling inside him, he has grown too afraid to fight back and escape, as well as he has not had proper training.Appearance:stands six feet tall, skin lightly tanned, hair and eyes both a very dark blackish brown; hair being somewhat shaggy just above his eyebrows and over his ears but kempt.Is built very well, not slim nor brickish, simply an average shape with good definition.Hair black as midnight trailed past her hips, when on display, normally brushed till the curls shined.Luna's eyes are a testament to her name, colors varying from moment to moment, having as many shades as a full moon.

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To most he is an outcast, he doesn't socialize with anyone else, and is usually the one to be sitting alone, staring at the ground.Even though he is the quiet type, he is known to blush from time to time, being one to be very shy around others.Aang is an Elemental, having control over the Four Basic Elements that make up this world, such as Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.In public she treats him like nothing, dirt, but in private she's kind and tells him everything.Name: Lunara Race: Lycanthrope Age: 19Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight as an arrow. Angered, she's hard to contain and more likely to succeed in drawing blood.

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