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Example of a True Risk description: Months since most recent delinquency is between 0 and 4. Score will improve with time as delinquencies get older and there are no new delinquencies.It has become increasingly common for insurers to examine your credit data.Your score simply represents a snapshot of your credit report on the day it was calculated.Your insurance score may be used as part of the underwriting decision when trying to obtain insurance. Each scoring model measures different factors, depending on how it is used.Since there is no one score cutoff used by all lenders, it is hard to say what a good score is outside of the context of a particular lending decision.

Because of credit scores, you might get a loan faster and the credit decision may be fairer.

A reason code is three-digit code accompanied by a description of a specific credit factor that can be improved upon.

It explains why you did not receive the most optimal score for a particular factor.

Any creditor using a score to deny credit must tell you which item(s) in your credit report contributed to the decision.

The score is one of many pieces of information the lender may use in evaluating your credit application.

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