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There’s an excellent plugin I use in most of my project “PHPMAILER“.You can send good looking HTML email with your Gmail or any other mail account via SMTP.All you have to do it so set up your email id, password and host and port name. When you are sending email to the user, add the user ID that you recieve when you insert the record in the database.

First we check if any existing email id is present in the database, if yes we don’t proceed further, if no then we insert the values in the database and send an email to the user.Basically, we just verified that the token we received matched the token that was stored against the user’s account.In the example above, a few assumptions have been made (pointing these out in case people decide to copy and paste): How you actually mark the email address as being verified is up to you.Obviously, you should change this to suit your own setup.When the user clicks on the link, they will be brought to verify.php, which will validate the token and user GET variables that are contained in the query string: As you can see, the theory behind it is actually pretty simple.

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