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The bottle is super pretty with it's pearly blue with ruby red rhinestones.The smell of this perfume makes my mouth water just as much as the packaging does.Here in Australia they seemed to discontinue this lovely fragrance as no store seems to sell it anymore.

Top notes incorporate juicy raspberry zest and apricot blossom.

This woody note on me only lasts the first half an hour or so until I begin to get more of the florals and sweet candy that you would expect of the Fantasy line.

At this stage I would compare the scent to raspberry lemonade. The scent is lovely and one of my favorite from the Fantasy flankers.

I think anybody and any age could wear this perfume and not take offense to it. The others in the Fantasy line are usually always a sugary sweet sugar bomb (which I love btw), where this one starts off with a very sharp citrus opening (despite citrus not being listed as a note? That combined with the woody note does give it a fresh earthy note to begin with, which is what I think others have described saying it opens up smelling masculine or unisex.

If you love violets and/or waterlily, then, this one is for you! I really wanted to like this one, but I just can´t! My skin amplifies the wood note, so compared to it smelling like a fair grounds as others have described, I get a woody, citrus fragrance with hints of sweet raspberry and floral notes.

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