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They appear as a band over one side of the trunk, and can also develop over one side of forehead or eye. However, the other person will first develop chickenpox, not Shingles if the person never had a VZV infection earlier.On the other hand, if a person has had Chickenpox earlier and he gets exposed to the VZV infection, there is a likelihood of developing shingles.Scab Formation: Over a period of seven to ten days blisters sometimes ooze a contagious liquid, start becoming cloudy and begin to flatten.Gradually scab starts forming over the flattened blisters.Many people develop only one episode of shingles in their life, but some people can have recurrent episodes depending upon their immunity.

Only when the virus is active, it produces symptoms in the human body.Skin Rash: Skin Rash in shingles appears as pink or red blotchy patches which appear in the form of a band over one side of the trunk(the most common site) along the nerve pathway.The person can also feel shooting type of pain in the area of the rash. Blisters: Blisters are a cluster of fluid-filled eruptions that appear after the rash. The infection (VZV ) can transmit to other people through direct contact with the infected person.Shingle is a viral disease characterized by a very painful skin rash which usually erupts in the form of cluster blisters on the body. The outbreak of shingles presents itself in the form of a cluster of fluid-filled blisters.The hallmark of shingles is that it affects only one side of the body particularly face or torso (torso refers to the trunk of the human body).

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