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I settled in laying along the right hand bench and just let the heat pour over my body.I was horny and did allow myself to daydream a little; I knew that I could play with myself out here as it was really quiet and if necessary I could always pull my towel around me to cover my erection if necessary. I got relatively hard and I knew that if I saw any shadows outside I could cover up if someone else came towards the sauna.then pretty quickly got out again, it was cold…and my cock was now very small but meant that I was cold enough to spend more time in the sauna.When I sat back down we had a chuckle about how cold it was, but also how invigorating it was too.I heard them first though, a couple chatting as they walked from inside and came across to the plunge pool; obviously putting a foot in to test it and finding it cold - well it was January!I decided to be polite and as they opened the door I slid up right and covered my hard cock.They were about my age and a little over weight, but still attractive.They both had taken off their towels and laid them down to sit on, both were shaved sat close and looked like they like being naked - always a good sign!

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