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Are you even reading those monthly magazines anymore or just recycling them every few weeks?Compare your media subscriptions—print and digital—and cancel the ones you stopped reading.If you carry credit card debt, don’t just pay the minimum each month, as even carrying just a grand could take years to pay off if you only submit the rock bottom amount due each month.If you have multiple cards, pay the minimum on the lowest, but put all you can toward the highest until that’s cleared.You can simply set it up through your bank and whomever is charging you fees, but make sure to check back in every now and then for hidden costs that sometimes pop up.Bonus: You’ll cut the stress of getting the mailers out of your life immediately.

You can easily avoid any late fees from bills while removing the monthly stress of paying bills by automating everything.

To keep a strong score, your credit utilization ratio, or debt versus the amount you have available for credit, below 20 percent and not higher than 30 percent.

The lower the better for your credit score, but don’t have it at 0 percent.

Hopefully this expansive list of all-things-financial will get you motivate to buckle down and get your money matters under control and working for you.

And for more great financial advice, check out 5 Millionaire Money Strategies You Can Use.

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