Sop updating procedure

(The Environmental Protection Agency's Standard Operating Procedures are a great template.) Your handbook should include: No matter how small your business is, you need to create an organizational chart.

Break down the different aspects of your organization, figure out who’s running what, and make the chain of command obvious. The entire point of having Standard Operating Procedures is that you’re able to entrust key tasks to others.

Whether an employee was scheduling a delayed train or placing an international order, the manual held every answer.

Standardizing each process helped businesses avoid disasters. In his book , Michael Gerber finds that consumers received a more a consistent level of service thanks to SOPs.

Make sure that you have someone in-house write the procedures for your business.

Research shows that we're more likely to distrust manuals written by outsiders.

It also helps your employees understand who their direct supervisor is, and where they fit in with everyone else.

Both trains knew each other’s schedule, and the plan was for one train to use a siding to bypass the other.

(or SOPs for short) might be the worst of them all. They're explained in clunky manuals laced with technical jargon, and they're too confusing to make anything more efficient.

But if you do SOPs right—using clear, detailed instructions based on past experience—they can protect you from catastrophe.

A vague task like “promote article” provides no measurable results, but “tweet article to 15 influencers” gives you a set goal to achieve.

Traditionally, SOPs are documented in cumbersome manuals.

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