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As a result, you can sometimes find the latest internet devices on the market in Portugal before they arrive in UK shops.If you live in a major city such as Lisbon or Porto, it’s easy to take out a high-speed broadband package, although fibre optic internet is still very much in the process of being rolled out, with the aim that around three million homes will be able to use fibre optic by the end of 2016.Many people also use mobile broadband in Portugal, which can be useful when you just move to Portugal and have not made a decision about accommodation or signing up for a static broadband contract.If you have an issue with your internet provider, you can contact ANACOM ( If you believe any of the information on this page is incorrect or out-of-date, please let us know.Roads in Portugal are defined by National Road Plan, which describes the existing and planned network of Portuguese roads.The present plan in force is the 2000 National Road Plan (PRN 2000), approved in 1998.Otherwise, you may need to sign up a for telephone in Portugal first.You can ask friends and colleagues for their Portugal broadband recommendations before signing up for internet in Portugal, particularly if you are looking for the best package deal for telephone, television and internet.

Read More Spain is perhaps the most relaxed of the Mediterranean countries, where the global economic crises has kept prices low and the locals celebrate the good things in life with long siestas, late…There is a brilliant service funded by the Portuguese government called and it is widely considered to function better than broadband services in the UK due to the fact that Portugal was one of the last countries to embrace broadband technology and thus has a system with newer design and technology.Due to the geography and industries in Portugal, telecommunications companies sometimes use the country to trial the latest industry developments.It’s also possible to buy internet dongles on a prepaid or contract basis, which allow you to surf the web when out and about.These can be fairly expensive, however, and are only as good as the signal in the area you’re attempting to use them.

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