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The League's Tony Minghine says the two measures crippled local governments financially. NLC Webinar: Parent-Centered Employment Strategies NLC is launching a new initiative to strengthen economic stability for families in cities through a parent-centered approach to employment strategies. Communities with Pension/OPEB "Underfunded Status" Identified The final OPEB-pension "underfunded status" list is out now.

Learn how she's re-framing mindsets, community actions, and advocacy on this week's Kaleva and Oxford Officials Awarded MML Foundation Scholarships Joseph Frost, Village of Oxford, and Kim Somsel, Village of Kaleva, have been awarded the Tim Doyle Scholarship by the MML Foundation.Topics include race, equity, and leadership, racial profiling, hiring minorities, and much more. As they celebrate the city's 50th anniversary, officials are looking to the long-term future with a three-year, million "Recreating Recreation" project to bring new energy into the area. League Magazine Salutes Bill Mathewson's Distinguished Career As General Counsel Bill Mathewson winds down his long career at the League, he will leave a legacy of which he can be proud.Learn more about Bill in the current issue of the League's magazine, along with stories on the state's disinvestment in communities, why Michigan failed to get the new Amazon headquarters, and much more. Podcast Takes a Deeper Dive into the Headlee/Prop A Lawsuit The state is being sued for Headlee violations by Taxpayers for Michigan Constitutional Government.Get updates on emergent legal issues, hear from Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen J. For best rates, register and reserve hotel by June 1.Local Governments are the Big Losers Under Michigan's Term Limits Under Michigan's term limits, legislators lack the experience and the institutional knowledge they used to have.

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