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Most of the population affected by the typhoons is critically dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods and many are vulnerable to food insecurity.

As of 28 November early morning (UTC), national authorities reported that more than 14,300 people were affected, more than 12,400 evacuated and 16 homes damaged throughout the regions of Mimaropa, Eastern, Western and Central Visayas as well as Northern Mindanao.

The Government, local and international NGOs are providing assistance to the affected communities.

(OCHA, ) On 3 November, flash floods in the municipality of Isabel, Leyte province, affected more than 3,000 people, and on 6 November, flash floods in Sultan Kudarat province, Mindanao, affected over 19,000 people with hundreds of people displaced to evacuation centres.

(OCHA, 19 Sept 2016) The Southwest Monsoon aggravated by Typhoon Helen brought heavy rains that caused flooding in 3 municipalities in the province of Bulacan. This affected 5,890 families (29,450 people) in the municipalities of Datu Montawal (Pagagawan), Pagalungan and Sultan Mastura.

Local authorities provided assistance to the families affected by the flooding.

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