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Well, after a few of these concoctions, we were ready for the show.The turnout for the concert was rather disappointing.During one of their opening numbers, the lead vocalist pointed left then right to release explosive fountain sparklers to enhance their effect.During "Send Me to Hell," a blinding crash of flash powder plummeted into the atmosphere, leaving the crowd in an awe-inspired frenzy.We discussed the time period back and forth for a few minutes trying to recall what BOC was doing in Jan of 1980 and came up with the following: Steve believes the poster and flyers were a scam to sell illegal tickets to unsuspecting fans. Just a word on dating this poster and why I reckon it was 1980, despite the fact that it gives no actual year on the poster itself...If you compare this poster design to the rather small Hamburg one above, you'll see that they're clearly both advertising the same (non-existant) tour.

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To promote this, BOC embarked on a long and stuttering so-called co-headliner tour with Black Sabbath with the "Black and Blue" tour...Armed with a pint of Black Velvet and our good looks, we made our way past the watchful eyes of the law.I ordered up a couple of Cokes and made my way back to our seats, where BV was soon mixed in and consumed without hesitation.A crowd of 2,023 (official gate count) meandered in to get a glimpse of these 11 year veterans of R/R.But first they had to suffer, and suffer they did through the backup band, Riot.

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