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Net You can apply a similar principle to a Drop Down List control that you have added in your Grid View control. Finally, I’ll check the value that the user has picked from the list. Add multiple controls to the Grid View control and check the script.

Yes, you can attach a Drop Down List to the Sql Data Source control. Remember, client validations are not fool proof and you cannot rely on these scripts only.

Alternately, simply create the parameters dynamically at runtime in code.

You might want to look into the other types of parameters as well.

Hi I have a Page with a Details View and Sql Data Source.

When Editing the Details View the Sql; Data Source Update Command does not seem to pick up the @parameters of the form fields.

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I have a SQLData Source that has an Update Command assigned to it.Future installments will explore more advanced updating scenarios, such as customizing the Grid View's editing interface and programmatically setting the updated values. The UPDATE Table Name SET Column Name1 = @Parameter Value1 Column Name2 = @Parameter Value2 ...Column Name N = @Parameter Value N WHERE Primary Key Column Name1 = @Primary Key Value To Update1 AND Primary Key Column Name2 = @Primary Key Value To Update2 AND ...When you use a Grid View to add or edit data, you would need controls like a textbox or a Drop Down List etc.Therefore, you would require few client scripts that would validate these entries before submission.

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