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The ICTR Prosecutor, Hassan Jallow, said that his focus has been on genocide and not war crimes, to which the court is now turning.

Since Museveni had invited al Bashir to Uganda, Inner City Press asked Wenaweser if this might be a set up.

They were saying that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should not be involved in public life for 30 years for having supported Charles Taylor.

On top of his file folder was a map, depicting by colors which countries have joined the ICC, which countries are being looked at (yellow dots), where prosecutions are ongoing (four red dots, all in Africa) and where Crimes Have Been Committed, noted with a green dot.

She denied, however, that she or anyone she knows in the UN had heard of similar allegations against Mr. I have no knowledge and have not heard anyone in the UN [aware of] similar activities in Sierra Leone, but I'm sure it's part of the LNP [Liberia National Police] investigation." When she said that the body had been transferred to Accra for autopsy, Inner City Press asked why. Loj said that until a year ago, Liberia had not capacity. The Council expressed strong support, members did in the broadest terms of the government of Liberia's efforts to improve the security situation, strengthen the security sector, enhance the rule of law and implement its poverty reduction and development strategy.

Fosnight in Sierra Leone, as has been reported in the local press. is gravely concerned about any allegations of sexual violence or abuse. We understand that the government of Liberia and UNMIL are currently investigating those allegations and we await their findings. Now they have a former UNMIL staffer, she said, employed by the World Bank. Loj said she hadn't seen the results of that, either, adding that even she she has she might not speak to the press. UNITED NATIONS, September 9 -- The talk was of war crimes at the UN on September 9, and those of Sri Lanka came up in discussion and on a color map.

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