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After the teacher convinced the principal that the incident was part of his “Helen Keller” lesson plan intended to teach students what it was like to be blind, the principal instructed the teacher to avoid using the lesson plan in the future. There are many professionals who must comply with California’s mandatory reporting laws.

California law lists dozens of different types of professionals who are considered mandatory reporters under Penal Code Section 11165.7, including, but not limited to the following: Child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation are the most obvious types of abuse that must be reported.

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Physical abuse is defined as willfully inflicting any cruel or inhuman bodily punishment or injury upon a child resulting in a traumatic condition.

To Review the record the subject may: A response, including a copy of any existing criminal record information, will be mailed to the requester within 15 days of receipt of the completed Record Review Packet.

No personal information regarding the identity or address of the requester will be included in the response.

Examples of physical abuse include: Generally, spanking a child is permissible if it is age appropriate and not excessive nor causes injury.

Additionally, altercations between minors are not considered abuse for the purposes of mandatory reporting.

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