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Gravi, a puzzle-platformer, has been in Early Access since October.

Marco Williams, the chief executive officer and sole programmer at indie developer Hash Bang games, talked candidly with Games Beat about the process of getting his game into Steam Early Access — something that sounds easier than it perhaps should.

“You don’t really have to talk to anybody, any more at least. You just tell them you’re Early Access, you give them a release date [for Early Access], you upload your build, and you’re in.” I asked Williams if he had to sign anything to say he would definitely finish the game. Williams revealed that Valve has no demand on developers to release regular updates when their game enters Early Access: “They haven’t approached me or said anything, and there’s nothing in the console that says ‘You have to release an update.'” But, he points out, Valve does give you a reason to release updates.

“However, there is incentive for releasing updates.

Those methods of getting more exposure are only available to you if you’re doing regular updates to your game.“ According to Williams, every time you update your game, it unlocks an area inside the admin console where you can get your game on Steam’s front page.

We discovered that the wording on Steam’s Early Access page may have been sufficiently vague for consumers to complain under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, which prohibits unfair and deceptive sales practices.

But since then, Steam operator Valve Software, one of the biggest publishers in the game industry, has altered the description of Early Access that it provides to its customers, making it clear that some games will simply never get finished.

In online mode it abruptly stops without any relevant log messages after "press any key" screen and after displaying "Downloading updates".

Likely the same issue as this but it isn't solved by solution offered there.

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