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I had to promise there would be no repeat of my behavior.

That is, I promised that I would not hit a boy who took some liberty with me such as snapping my bra or patting my butt as I walked by. I became Mama's little girl (Chapter 2) by: Jamie Lynn - It was great not to have to hide what was between my legs. Nancy always kissed me good night and then spooned against me and always put her hand down where she could feel my panty. Lillie's Reform School Education by: Walter Samplowski - Lillie was 12 years old and being raised by her single mother. by: Red Rover - There is much more to tell about my time with Cookie and Maggie.

Then I would put on the few boy clothes I had, until finally getting ready f....

I became Mama's little girl (Chapter 5) by: Jamie Lynn - This has been the longest week of my life. Adding to the building tension I felt was the fact I asked Nancy what her idea about her problem.

As soon I reached the age of puberty and Oli became such a well-developed kid, it seems that mom and dad, split between them the job of grooming us. Nancy's request and my acceptance resulted in some major changes for me at home.

October 1999, me, a happy widower, restless and active, Martial Arts, black belt with 3 dan and a good willing and women lover, 1.90m high, 88kg of muscles.Even though I fucked 3 women, and a girl 13 years old, I succeeded to ejaculate only once, me, a.... Their daughter and mikes daughters, werent yet members, mostly because their fathers had not fuck them yet. Magic Blue Pills Part 1 Billy's Bitches by: BB8 - This is the story of how I made my sister and my cousin my sex slaves, or more accurately how I raped them and made them mine. Gay marriage became legal in all fifty states back in 2024.The magic blue pills are basically Viagra on steroids, but I'll get to them later. Polygamists had started fighting in earnest for their rights soon after gay marriage started to g....Denise and her family Part 1 The Funeral by: Docker5000 - Denise huddled closer to her husband Tony she was trying to keep under his umbrella as the rain was now coming down hard.Her two sons Gary 15 and James 17 both shared an umbrella.

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