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These not only improve the skill of those who are needed to show our growing collection to the public with dynamism, but are very enjoyable in a nostalgic way for those volunteers taking part.Some say it is just like being back in the Regiment without the need to show deference to rank.This has been a pretty incredible six months for the Museum.The re-vamp of the collection is now complete, every room now reflects an era in the Regiment's history and we have a short video on the internet to give intending visitors an indication of what they are likely to find when they visit (activate the button to your left to view the video).

Ever mindful that the Museum should put its best foot forward when out in the public eye, Bill Prosser has been running driver training days.The Association has more members, primarily due to the Reserve Forces Day Council organising certificates for those who marched this year and insisting that in order to get a certificate you had to be an association member.On the flip side, we sadly lost a number of valued Association members This is a bit of a bumper edition of Lancers' Despatch.These effects are generally attributed to glucosinolate-derived degradation products like isothiocyanates and indoles which are formed by the hydrolytic action of plant myrosinase and/or glucosidases deriving from the human microbial flora.However, recent and experimental animal studies indicate that broccoli, its extracts and the glucosinolate-derived degradation products might also have undesirable effects, especially genotoxic activities.

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