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New video on our e-visa system where you will understand how it is easy to visit Tajikistan!#travel #Tajikistan #Central Asia #bestdestination #summer2018 #culture #lake #glaciers pic.twitter.com/z ENbmc7kgw What can be better just to have a relaxed weekend in nature?The resource for Independent Travel, Tajik Tourism an independently run website about Tajikistan. It was set up 2009 due to the lack of information that was available about Tajikistan and to help facilitate travel and share knowledge for those interested in visiting the country.Within the framework of the Project Implementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics the visit was made by the International Expert Ms.Flashpoints are the Rasht (Gharm) valley where in September 2010 there was an ambush on Tajik soldiers in the Kamarob Gorge (unlikely to affect tourists as they hardly ever visit this region). More worryingly are the minor, often unexplained, explosions that occasionally occur in the capital Dushanbe.

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If you become sick your best bet for western style treatment and/or drugs is at the Prospekt clinic (on Sanoi Street) in Dushanbe, which has English speaking doctors.

One traveller reported being fined 0 US dollars for not having her paperwork in check (a missing permit in this instance), be very careful if you pass through the airport with a lot of cash and do not verbally confirm how much you're carrying or this can encourage a heavy ‘tip'.

The number one health rule in Tajikistan, especially in the capital Dushanbe is - don't drink the water.

Be aware that areas bordering the country – particularly along the Afghan, Uzbek and Kyrgyz borders –may have unexploded mines although these are usually clearly marked.

should not be visited and it's worth keeping abreast of the news in Tajikistan as insurgency activity there can affect the security situation along the border and within Tajikistan.

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