Technorati not updating my blog

Technorati ranks blogs based on time updated, not on relevance (this was my major sore point with the engine).However, Technorati has so many users who are constantly reading up on popular posts that if you are operating under a relatively rare tag (keyword) and you refresh constantly, you are guaranteed to be constantly hit.This is quite doable despite the fact that it seems a lot of bloggers cannot optimize or believe blogs can’t be optimized.Claiming and Optimizing Your Blog for Technorati If you own a blog, you go to Technorati’s home page at , register your blog and include a description and keywords to describe your blog.One way is by you outputting a full feed via RSS or Atom.However, according to Kevin Marks of Technorati, it is preferable that you use an Atom Feed.You can create your blog anywhere; you do not have to create it on Technorati. On forum boards and on blogs, bloggers post complaints about poor indexing by Technorati.

It doesn’t actually index via new blog posts by any known automated process; perhaps they are still keeping it a secret.The indexing tool is based on how users tag their blogs, so sometimes there is a lot of confusion when the results come out.With the top ranked (most recent) blogs probably containing irrelevant data, from a blogger’s perspective Technorati is wide open if you know how to optimize for blog search.As for blog entries, you will wan tot post as often as possible (twice a day if practical).You don’t have to write a thesis; five lines could warrant an update.

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