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To purchase an item, pay by paypal, show the payment as for "goods and services". Money back, minus my postage if you are not happy and return the item to me immediately as you received it. Most people who read here are friends and I treat you as such. First pictures will show the doll that is for sale, followed by a few images of the others. As you make a payment, there is a box to include a note to the seller. Thank you for looking, I am still in the closet working. If you continue to work round and around without increasing or decreasing, you will get a flat pouch.

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Once we've done this a few times will have a row of stitches hanging off the back of the thumb.

Practice this before you begin making a big sweater.

Remember that you should only increase and decrease a little in each round and not all in one go. I made a tube which fits the foot until I reach the middle of the instep.

The hands with separate fingers are so dear, the way someone has darned them over and over to keep them all here. There are three pieces of underwear, the lace on the drawers is extreme but all doll clothes are not created equal thank goodness. These were pretty and popular and came in several styles and hair colors. Set of four small oil paintings by Edyth O'Neill depicting Early English Wooden dolls.

The fabric of the arms matches that of the torso, this is not an assembled body, the wonderful old hands are original to it. Besides the few dolls Tasha herself actually made, she licensed a group of replica china head doll kits to be sold with her name on them "Tudor".

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